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Breeds of Beef Cattle

cattle breeds livestock Cattle are considered to have been one of the first animals domesticated by man for agricultural purposes.  They were tamed to provide milk, meat and hides and for draft purposes.  The exact time and place this happened is hidden in the mists of antiquity, but it is thought they were probably first domesticated in Europe and Asia about 8500 years ago.

Domesticated cattle are in the family  Bovidae which includes ruminates with paired, hollow, unbranched horns that do not shed and an even number of toes.  They belong to the genus Bos and the subgenera Taurine which includes the two species tarus and indicus

Cattle are ruminants (as are sheep, goats, deer, and giraffes), which gives them a unique digestive system that allows the digestion of otherwise unuseable foods by regurgitating and rechewing them as cud. They thrive on grasses and other low quality plants built predominantly of cellulose. Cattle have one stomach that has four compartments. They are named the rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum. The rumen is the largest compartment and is like a fermentation tank, providing the anaerobic environment, constant temperature and pH, and constant mixing that allows microbes to break down the cellulolse. The reticulum, known as the "Honeycomb", is is the smallest compartment. The omasum's main function is to absorb water and nutrients and is known as the "Many Plies." The abomasum is most like the human stomach; this is why it is known as the "True Stomach."

All breeds of British and European cattle like Angus, Hereford, Charolais and Simmental belong to the tarus species.  The humped cattle of the tropical countries like Brahman and Africander belong to the indicus species.  Many contemporary breeds are the result of crossing two or more of the older breeds.  Most of the new breeds originating in the United States were developed in the Southern states where the standard breeds lacked resistance to heat and insects and did not thrive on the native grasses.  Other Bovidae that are so closely related to true cattle that they can interbreed include the bison, buffalo, and yak.

Purebred cattle breeds have been selectively bred over a long period of time to possess a distinctive identity in color, size, conformation, and function and have the prepotency to pass these traits to their progeny.

The world cattle population is estimated to be about 1.3 billion head, with about 30 percent in Asia, 20 percent in South America, 15 percent in Africa, 14 percent in North and Central America, and 10 percent in Europe.  The 10 states in the US with the  largest cattle populations  are Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, and Florida.

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cattle angus

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Vac 45 plus or minus
by js1234 (Posted Fri, 19 Dec 2014 01:02:52 GMT)
You had an unlucky experience. That said, Vac 45 is one of the consistently best ways to make your calves more attractive and valuable.

House Update
by I luv herfrds (Posted Fri, 19 Dec 2014 01:01:13 GMT)

Still moving stuff into the new house but we are getting there.

Runt calf value
by js1234 (Posted Fri, 19 Dec 2014 00:57:17 GMT)
Taurus wrote:denvermartinfarms wrote:Those 200lb steers would bring 3.00 to 3.20 here today even if they look stunted.
Doesn't mean it applies to all sale barns.
Did you notice he said "HERE TODAY"?

Bez Caustic Dun
by djinwa (Posted Fri, 19 Dec 2014 00:55:08 GMT)
I hope I'm wrong, too, but we're mostly there. As for chewing, I was listening to a professor the other day saying one reason they take fiber out of food is that fiber takes too long to chew. Fast food is that, fast food without fiber.

Then we're pretty much in a vegetative state for much of the day, moving nothing but our eyeballs: ... -1.1711954

The average American watches more than five hours of live television every day.

More if you?re African American. Quite a bit more.

Less if you?re Hispanic or Asian American.

For all ethnic groups, TV viewing time increases steadily as we get older, according to the March 2014 ?Cross-Platform Report? released by the Nielsen media ratings company.

Once we pass 65, we watch more than seven hours a day.

The average American then spends another 32 minutes a day on time-shifted television, an hour using the Internet on a computer, an hour and seven minutes on a smartphone and two hours, 46 minutes listening to the radio.

Limit down
by js1234 (Posted Fri, 19 Dec 2014 00:40:55 GMT)
Several factors at play.
1. Feeders were overpriced in relation to Fats and some correction was inevitable.
2. Huge sell off from the funds. Year end, huge profits were made and they are taking said profits to show the impressive 4th quarter returns.
3. Reactionary shock waves from the energy sector are a secondary factor out on the periphery.

The market was oversold as the downtrend broke through trigger points resulting in technical selling in many instances. This has already shown itself with how well the Fats have held together overall and not followed the Feeders to the same extreme. The fundamentals are still sound in relation to tight supplies. I'm still extremely positive about the upside to the market as we move into the spring. Albeit that's "positive" not "foolish" and have been using Put Options on most classes of Fats and Feeders in inventory to protect a profit in most instances.

Daily Inspiration!
by Bigfoot (Posted Fri, 19 Dec 2014 00:29:17 GMT)
Williamsv wrote:I hope not. I like Daily Inspiration.

I hadn't put anything on it, in a month or so. I didn't think anybody read it but me and you

Unusual Event
by dun (Posted Fri, 19 Dec 2014 00:00:16 GMT)
Caustic Burno wrote:Haven't heard an Owl.
Never know reservation is right down the road might have to get a medicine man.

Wouldn't be good to make that half Indian woman that lives here made either
no tellin what she might conjure up.
If it had't been for squirrels and venison they would have starved to death growing up.

That could make DD really mad.
Cause she loves to hunt them more than I do after I finally got her off rabbits.
Little dog is smart she know's when I get my black powder shotgun we are going squirrel hunting.
I guess she has learned to associate my possible bag with the hunt.
Got to the point that is all I hunt them with. We get two or three for a pot of dumplings that is enough.
When I had the gun shop I also had a Psringer Saniel that loved to hunt. If took out a shotgun or a customer brought one in she would go nuts wanting to go hunting. Rifles she wouldn;t even raise her head. Didn;t matter if it was a single shot, SxS, O/U, bolt action, pump, whatever. Shotguns just tripped her trigger.

Ribbon Cane
by Williamsv (Posted Thu, 18 Dec 2014 23:58:11 GMT)
I always liked to chew cane and drink some juice before the syrup was made. I can taste it now!

Listed as russion sobriety test
by dun (Posted Thu, 18 Dec 2014 23:54:36 GMT)
greybeard wrote:well,--that was shure.......different.
Different! I knew I was searching for a word to describe it

by Williamsv (Posted Thu, 18 Dec 2014 23:54:07 GMT)
Beautiful song, but sad for me as it was played at a dear friend's funeral two years ago and my brother-in-law's in September. Thanks for sharing.

How to find a water line
by dun (Posted Thu, 18 Dec 2014 23:53:16 GMT)
Years ago a friend of mine bought a piece of land that supposedly had a water line crossing it. He wanted me to witch it os I grabbed my handy dandy coat hanger rods and off I went. It was about 2 acres and every 6 foot they would cross, walked it north to south then east to west. Every 6 foot they crossed. Finally gave up and he started to dig. Found out that in the distant past it had been a berry field and the whole place was crisscrossed with galvanized pipe that was formed into a huge grid with the pipes six foot apart and connected every six foot. I finally witched from the well on the adjacent property to his place. Waterline stopped about 10 feet short of his property.

One of my favorite Christmas songs, done by a great choir
by Williamsv (Posted Thu, 18 Dec 2014 23:50:06 GMT)
Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. It is one of my favorites too.

Old folks-Christmas gift idea for old folks from old folks
by dun (Posted Thu, 18 Dec 2014 23:44:13 GMT)
What about Lawrence Welk?

Johnny Football-was not.
by greybeard (Posted Thu, 18 Dec 2014 23:40:47 GMT)
Obrien isn't going to announce till Sunday who the QB will be. Keenum or Thad Lewis. I don't remember ever seeing Lewis play anywhere.

Registered Fancy Brangus Cow source
by wacocowboy (Posted Thu, 18 Dec 2014 22:48:35 GMT)
I have purchased from a breeder I think the name is Trefny they had really good Brangus cattle and pecans

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