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Breeds of Beef Cattle

cattle breeds livestock Cattle are considered to have been one of the first animals domesticated by man for agricultural purposes.  They were tamed to provide milk, meat and hides and for draft purposes.  The exact time and place this happened is hidden in the mists of antiquity, but it is thought they were probably first domesticated in Europe and Asia about 8500 years ago.

Domesticated cattle are in the family  Bovidae which includes ruminates with paired, hollow, unbranched horns that do not shed and an even number of toes.  They belong to the genus Bos and the subgenera Taurine which includes the two species tarus and indicus

Cattle are ruminants (as are sheep, goats, deer, and giraffes), which gives them a unique digestive system that allows the digestion of otherwise unuseable foods by regurgitating and rechewing them as cud. They thrive on grasses and other low quality plants built predominantly of cellulose. Cattle have one stomach that has four compartments. They are named the rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum. The rumen is the largest compartment and is like a fermentation tank, providing the anaerobic environment, constant temperature and pH, and constant mixing that allows microbes to break down the cellulolse. The reticulum, known as the "Honeycomb", is is the smallest compartment. The omasum's main function is to absorb water and nutrients and is known as the "Many Plies." The abomasum is most like the human stomach; this is why it is known as the "True Stomach."

All breeds of British and European cattle like Angus, Hereford, Charolais and Simmental belong to the tarus species.  The humped cattle of the tropical countries like Brahman and Africander belong to the indicus species.  Many contemporary breeds are the result of crossing two or more of the older breeds.  Most of the new breeds originating in the United States were developed in the Southern states where the standard breeds lacked resistance to heat and insects and did not thrive on the native grasses.  Other Bovidae that are so closely related to true cattle that they can interbreed include the bison, buffalo, and yak.

Purebred cattle breeds have been selectively bred over a long period of time to possess a distinctive identity in color, size, conformation, and function and have the prepotency to pass these traits to their progeny.

The world cattle population is estimated to be about 1.3 billion head, with about 30 percent in Asia, 20 percent in South America, 15 percent in Africa, 14 percent in North and Central America, and 10 percent in Europe.  The 10 states in the US with the  largest cattle populations  are Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, and Florida.

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Red Heeler
by jedstivers (Posted Thu, 05 Mar 2015 18:23:54 GMT)
I hate to hear that. They sure don't live long enough.

Best way to get cows to come out of the thick trees
by Rafter S (Posted Thu, 05 Mar 2015 18:23:51 GMT)
Like Deepsouth said, you can do it with feed, but it will take a while. Put some cubes out on the ground close to the trees. Do that every day at about the same time. After a few days they'll figure out that it's you feeding them and come to meet you. Gradually feed them further from the woods and closer to your pen. Eventually you should be able to put the feed in the pen and they'll come in to get it. When they do, I'd encourage you to close the gate for a little while, and then let them out without doing anything to them. They'll come in faster the next time if they don't have a bad experience the first time.

And go slow and quiet any time you do anything with cattle.

Fixin to get interesting.
by Caustic Burno (Posted Thu, 05 Mar 2015 18:19:15 GMT)
TT I had them very stereotyped as well until I got to helping in this program.

The one that floored me more than mom and dad every visitation day was the wife and kids.
The thing that blew my mind even more was the guy considering going to prison the cost of
doing business. They will tell when they get out they are going right back to selling drugs.
I came to conclusion that prison is not going to work under the current system.

ATF Proposal Would Ban Common AR-15 Ammo
by Caustic Burno (Posted Thu, 05 Mar 2015 18:10:31 GMT)
Ryder wrote:What pistol shoots 5.56 ammo?

Seen one in the gun shop the other day it is basically an AR without a stock
and short barrel.

Video of a Cow Eating a Baby Chick
by Lucky_P (Posted Thu, 05 Mar 2015 18:03:27 GMT)
Have seen video of deer eating chicks out of ground-nesting bird nests.

Expected Calf. What do I need?
by Lucky_P (Posted Thu, 05 Mar 2015 18:01:30 GMT)
Hopefully, nothing. Most of the time, an experienced cow will do it all on her own.

But...I've got two in the tackroom right now, born today in 2 ft of snow - and temps due to go below 0 tonight. One born after noon had melted through the snow, down to green grass - with her feet sticking up in the air; was essentially cast and had worn itself out trying to get up.
Towels for drying, blankets for the floor and to cover the calf, an old sweatshirt or sweater. A nursing bottle and an esophageal tube feeder(I prefer the flexible plastic probe types, rather than rigid), a top quality colostrum replacer(not supplement), in the event that the calf can't/won't nurse, or you can't get the cow in to milk her out.
I wouldn't worry much about 'injections' right off the bat...get the calf up and going first, then deal with any other issues.

Tomorrow's chore - get the two cows in and pair 'em back up with their calves.
I have 5 more due to calve any minute now(due yesterday); hope they'll hold off 'til daylight - I'm out of colostrum replacer and frozen colostrum 'til I can hit TSC in the morning &/or milk out one of these two cows.

I knew lightweight calves were high, but...
by Deepsouth (Posted Thu, 05 Mar 2015 17:58:43 GMT)
I watched a black bull calf that looked to be about a month old sale for $800 yesterday. No ideal how much he weighed but couldn't have been over 150. He was a very good lookin calf and no others came close to that price.

what a difference 24 hours makes
by Deepsouth (Posted Thu, 05 Mar 2015 17:51:07 GMT)

by TN Cattle Man (Posted Thu, 05 Mar 2015 17:45:28 GMT)

Just joined. Hi everyone.
by TN Cattle Man (Posted Thu, 05 Mar 2015 17:41:16 GMT)

bearcat grinder screens
by turklilley (Posted Thu, 05 Mar 2015 17:29:00 GMT)
Woodlake can get you a screen, but they are in PA. Might be high shipping. 814-766-2119

Now We Wait
by (Posted Thu, 05 Mar 2015 17:26:03 GMT)
It was on the honor system. The warning was right there for anyone to see. Vending machines were especially conspicuous in front of $15 a night motels.

What am I missing? Pharo Bull sale
by james coffelt (Posted Thu, 05 Mar 2015 17:23:02 GMT)

If you ever get to Ohio, I would enjoy the visit, and you have a place to stay.

Calf Rope
by Ryder (Posted Thu, 05 Mar 2015 17:21:05 GMT)
With the heifer taken care of you now have time to get a rope and start practicing for next time.
It's the cowboy way.

Fake guns
by Jogeephus (Posted Thu, 05 Mar 2015 17:13:45 GMT) wrote:Caustic Burno wrote:You couldn't walk ten steps here without getting arrested open carry is illegal.
Secondly why would you want to open carry you just became the first target in a crime.
You can bet if someone carries one some idiot will pull it that is just a matter of time.
I don't know why anyone would want to open carry. I know I sure wouldn't. But, it's legal in places.

I agree. I don't want to be the first to get shot but the last to shoot.

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