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Braunvieh Bull

Braunvieh means "brown cattle" in German.  Brown cattle found in the mountains of Switzerland during the 17th century formed the basis for the modern Braunvieh. They are gaining recognition as a breed for moderate frame, calving ease, excellent disposition, efficiency in the pasture and in the feedyard.

Braunvieh are various shades of brown  ranging from light brown with gray to very dark brown. The border of the muzzle is very light, as is the poll, and often a lighter colored dorsal stripe is seen. The udder and inside of the legs and underline also being the lighter shade. A darker, smokier shading is often evident around the shoulders and neck compared to the rest of the body. The switch of the tail is dark brown to black. The skin is pigmented, the muzzle is black, and the hooves are dark and very hard.

How to Contact the Breed Association:

Braunvieh Association of America
Touzalin Ave Suite 103
Lincoln, NE 68507

List of Braunvieh Breeders