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The first Devon cattle reached what is now the United States in 1623. The ship Charity brought a consignment of red cattle (one bull and three heifers) from Devonshire, England to Edward Winslow, the agent for Plymouth Colony. These red cattle of Devonshire, brought in by the Pilgrims, were probably the first purebred cattle to reach North America. 

Devon cattle are red in color, varying in shade from a rich deep red to a light red or chestnut color. A bright ruby red color is preferred and accounts for their nickname, the "Red Rubies." The hair is thick and is often long and curly during the winter; however, coats are short and sleek in summer.  They are nicely muscled, fine boned and stocky.  Mature bulls in good working condition weigh from 1700 to about 2200 pounds . Mature cows range in weight from about 950 to about 1300 pounds.  They are a different breed than the South Devon.

How to Contact the Breed Association:

Devon Cattle Association
11035 Waverly
Olathe KS 66061
(913) 583 1723

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