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Red Poll

Red Poll

Red Poll Cattle were developed in England from two ancient breeds - the Norfolk and Suffolk.  The resulting cattle were selected for both meat and milk qualities and became very popular as a dual purpose breed producing both good quality milk and beef.  Red Poll offspring are highly predictable and uniform.   Because they are only distantly related to many other commercial beef breeds, the Red poll can impart significant hybrid vigor when crossed with other breeds. Red Polls were used in the development of the Senopol breed in the Caribbean beginning in the 1920's.

Red Polls are known for their fertility, mothering ability, rapid calf gain, calving ease, forage efficiency, gentle disposition, and lower fat content. They can vary from light red to dark red and they are always polled. Red polls are a good choice for small farms because of their easy manageability.

Red Polls were first imported to America in 1873 and the American Red Poll Association was founded in 1883. 

How to Contact the Breed Association:

American Red Poll Association
P.O. Box 147
Bethany, MO 68424
(660) 425-7318

List of Red Poll Breeders