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Piedmontese are from the Piedmont Mountain area of northern Italy. They are thought to be the product of two distinct breeds - the Auroch and the Zebu - fused and evolved over 25,000 years of natural selection to become the Piedmontese breed.

The cattle are white or gray with black hoofs, switch,  ears and nose. Piedmontese are double muscled with a long body, dished face and small black tipped horns.

Piedmontese cattle are Italy's most popular breed and their numbers are growing worldwide. Progressive cattle breeders are recognizing the value of the Piedmontese breed. High fertility levels, calving ease, high feed efficiency, and climate adaptability make Piedmontese attractive to a wide range of producers. The superior genetics of Piedmontese cattle provide high dressing percentages, high cutability, and higher meat to bone ratio with increased size of rib-eyes and choice cuts and decreased trim and waste. Consumers select Piedmontese beef for it's nutritional benefits including lower fat and cholesterol while enjoying a product that is tender and flavorful.

The Piedmontese Association of the United States (PAUS) was organized in 1984.

How to Contact the Breed Association:

Piedmontese Associaton of the U.S.
343 Barrett Road
Elsberry, MO 63343
(573) 384-5685

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